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Sülün Osman, whose cabinets were the subject of even movies, was a name that won the admiration of the public despite everything. He had the ability to “sell” even Galata Tower and Beyazıt Square to the pure traders of Anatolia who had just arrived in Istanbul, and with this feature, it was even the subject of movies. It is rumored that Pheasant Osman received money to look at the clock in the city square from provincial people who could not get over the timidity of coming to Istanbul.

Raki, the famous swindler of the 1980s, could not complain about himself because he often defrauded people who did illegal work. Raki’s father, Major General Şemsettin Zobu, who is often famous for defrauding minorities, and his brother, North Zobu, one of London’s famous businessmen.

Raki is also the father of actor Melike Zobu. During the years when carrying dollars was a crime, Raki defrauded many people by promising to sell foreign currency in big hotels disguised as German or American.

In the banker rush that started in the 1980s, his star shined. Annual inflation was 30 percent, while it was collecting money at 12 percent per month. In the days when the national income was 70 million dollars, 100 billion money was collected in Kastelli’s hands. Things suddenly took a turn as 40 banks signed the decision that eliminated bankers. Bankrupt, Kastelli fled abroad.

Known as the “Daisy banker”, Bako gained fame by sinking thousands of people’s money in the 80’s. He even defrauded Bako Real Estate Bank, who publicly made fun of the state by painting a daisy instead of a signature while receiving loans from banks. Bako spent years in prison for fraud charges.

It did not take long for Turkish fraudsters to open up to the world. Ayşe Benli’s gambling gang even stirred the US by staking $ 2 million at the Venetino Casino in Las Vegas. However, no traces of it have been found yet.

Selçuk Parsadan came to the fore with “disguised appropriation donation” during the prime ministry of Tansu Çiller. Parsadan, using the name of retired general Necdet Öztorun before the December 1995 elections, was reported to the press that he received 5.5 billion liras from the disguised allowance. In the incident where Mustafa Duyar, one of the perpetrators of Özdemir Sabancı assassination, was killed in Afyon Prison, he was wounded with a single bullet. He died on 25 July 2006 in Istanbul due to spinal cancer.

Eyüplü Halit is the first famous swindler in Turkish history. His “incident” that left his mark on the history of crime is that he established his own police station in the last days of Istanbul’s occupation. Eyüplü Halit, who called the Greeks to the police station, introduced himself as a commissioner and accused him of denunciation. Then he asked for bribes and robbed these people. In the conditions of deportation and exchange, hostility to minorities also emerged, so it was not difficult at all. Eyüplü Halit spoke very good Greek and French.

At the end of the occupation of Istanbul, three or five days before the Turkish army entered the city, Halit from Eyüp, with his friend Arab Abdullah, set up an abandoned building and set up a “police station” in a district where Greeks live heavily. Because of the authority vacuum in the city, no one could find it strange. He introduced himself as a “commissioner” and his friend as a “watchman” and haunted the wealthy people of the neighborhood.

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