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Today, in many provinces, districts and even districts, there are very beautiful halls where performances can be held, but there is no audience. So whether it is watching a theater or another event, the number of audience is almost non-existent.

I put aside the theater shows, as if there is no audience to watch the illusion and illusionist show that appeals to the adults, even if there is no number of magicians or illusionists to appeal to them, they are lost or unable to continue their big show because they cannot find support or try to do it under difficult conditions.

It is not difficult to realize how difficult, fascinating, creative, surprising these performances are, but it should not be forgotten that they also require talent.

So why is a show so hard and difficult to find an audience? I think this is the case not only in magic illusion shows, but also in all performing arts,

Art and artists actually appeals to people on society’s upper level or attracts the attention is the cause of time both watching or seeing art available in both the economic situation is becoming more available, I think it is more in Turkey in this kind of group of people so there is much difference between the income levels of society in our country income I am of the opinion that the values ​​of art and artist are low because the segment with high level is less.

The second reason is that many wizarding and illusionist performances from the past to the present have been made in a different way, that is, the people are victimized and exploited by the people and the three papermaker images have settled on the society and its effects are still present.

3. As a reason, I attribute our culture and arts policy to a very narrow scope in our country. I think magician illusionist shows are not supported. I think this is not accepted in an ideological manner.

Finally, I think that intermediary persons or companies such as art, artist, organization, manager, etc. do not include the artists who perform these magic and illusion shows in the society in the environments such as entertainment invitations.

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