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IGA Champions 2020 | Video games Honors

In April 11, 1963, Chris Ferguson in the world in the US is 53 years old. The mother and his father’s mathematics in the field of mathematics took a doctorate poker player to the doctor in the california by completing his university. After all of this educational life, he has stepped on to the acting by the fact that he will be able to gain the future with poker and counting his life with the poker. He has gained WSOP bracelet 5 times in Chris tournaments that draws attention with a clever man and the cowboy style on the poker tables. With this method, Chris aimed at gaining earning with the proper casing method in pokere, Chris has increased from 0 to 10 thousand dollars in 14 months and also donated the money to ‘Save the Children’. It is also a more right that he aims to extend to high amounts by playing the game with low sums as starting and the name of Ferguson. In addition to WSOP bracelets, it has also achieved numerous times in the tournaments. Poker player with the achievements of all these achieved achievements, the poker player with $ 25 million is the ranking of the richest poker players worldwide in the world. In 2000, the WSOP Main Event Tournament has been replaced by the most important achievements. With the view of the punk, the player, which attracts attention to the poker table, it is advantageous with this appearance against people. As a result of the reminiscence of Jesus with long hair and a beard, Chris “Jesus” has been observed. Ferguson continued today on professional poker life is still gaining from this game. Full Tilt also makes the manager of the site established with its named company.

Antonio Esfandiari came to the world in Iran 1978 and was carried in 1988 to San Francisco. After finishing his education life at Del Mar High School High School, he decided to be the magician along with the attention of his wizard. After a certain period of time, Antonio in the wizardry profession has made demonstrations in large places. Inviting to the Texas Holdem game to show the demonstration, the poker has arisen and the poker has started to play poker. Antonio, which started the poker career this way, has been one of the most important players in the short time. It is the youngest poker player who has earned million dollars in a tournament with the player in the WTP tournament published on television. It is the magician, which is the magician, which is the magician, which is the profession that he made before the beginning of the poker starts. Antonio, which is a professional poker player, can make incredible movements with the cards with the talents that are left with the wizard. In 2004, the Pot-Limit Holdem has obtained first place in the World Series of Poker event. In Las Vegas, the poker event to draw attention to the importance of water was the first to earn $ 18 million. A total of 3 WSOP bracelets have gained 3 WSOP bracelets in Antonio World Poker series. P

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